Pet Dental Health Month

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Your pet’s bad breath may be a sign of serious health problems.  The odor may signify an issue with not only his teeth and gums, but also his internal organs.  February is National Pet Dental Health Month, where veterinary professionals are raising awareness for the significance of proper oral healthcare.

There are several things that you can do to help Fido have better breath and pearly whites.  It begins with tooth brushing at a young age.  Oral rinses, dog and cat toothpaste, dental treats and water additives all help to prevent excess plaque on teeth and promote healthy gum tissue.

If the plaque and tartar is excessive, a professional dental scaling and polishing is needed to help get your pet back in shape.  While under anesthesia, your pet’s mouth will be thoroughly examined to check for loose, infected, or fractured teeth.  Radiographs (x-rays) of your pets teeth help us to determine which teeth are diseased and if any other pathologic problems are present.

Dog breath is nothing to smile about – call us today to help get your pet on the right tract to proper oral health.